The Ignite Digital Content program

aims to position Saudi Arabia as a global leader in the digital content sector, such as Sound, Video Industry, Gaming and digital ads. Ignite aims to organize events between companies and consumers, hosting local and international experts to highlight promising opportunities in the future of digital content.

The Event Ignite
The Ads

aims primarily to inspire, educate, and connect marketing and advertising experts, creators, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. It seeks to explore the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative strategies that reshape the advertising landscape, while meeting the needs of both businesses and individual advertisers, as well as digital content makers.


One of the largest global event of marketing, advertising, technology and branding professionals since 2004. More than 34 events all over the world hosting seminars and workshops presented by speakers from the brightest minds in the sector, to organized communication and world-class entertainment, with more than 50,000 visitors a year.



and empower industry professionals and innovators in the digital advertising sector through workshops to enrich their knowledge.



the Saudi market and the promising opportunities it offers for digital advertising specialists, marketing professionals, content creators, and young individuals.



ambitious creators and content producers to enhance their skills and join companies at the forefront of innovation in digital media content.

Ignite The Ads
Program for

The first two days of the event are dedicated to B2B activities tailored towards advertising professionals, with the aim of strengthening existing connections and developing joint venture prospects.
The event obtaining broad media recognition and exposure across diverse zones, including The Pivot, Billboard zone, the Social platform and Round Table. It brings together entrepreneurs, SMEs, consultants, executives, investors, and public officials to discover new opportunities for cooperation and innovation.

Ignite The Ads
Program for

The last two days are designed for everyone interested in the advertising industry. It serves as an evolving platform for innovation and communication, with a focus on brand awareness, product or service education, social media, and word-of-mouth marketing. The event brings together professionals professionals in digital advertising and e-marketing, start-ups, digital and creative content creators, and young talent come together in a variety of zones, such as Creative Ring, The Pivot, Growth zone, Billboard Zone, Social platform, to spark new ideas and meaningful collaborations.