Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Ignite portal is committed to protecting the rights of visitors to this site and maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information. This security and privacy statement aims to disclose the adopted approach in collecting information and publishing it on the Ignite’s portal.


Collection and use of electronic information

  • The Igniter’s servers automatically capture your IP address when you visit the site. (Your Internet Protocol address is the number of the computer you are using while it is online, which allows other devices connected to the internet to determine the destination of data, and to collect certain information; such as browser type and search engine but without personally identifying you).
  • The Igniter’s use of your IP helps it diagnose problems that occur in its servers, and to conduct the necessary statistics to measure the use of the site (the number of visitors and the language of the computer you are using). The Ignite does not allow any party other than the technical team of the Ignite’s portal team to view your IP except in cases required by the Kingdom’s regulations.


Secure data transfer

The Ignite makes every effort to protect the data provided by the user in accordance with the best practices, and works to encrypt sensitive information and data that must be kept confidential in accordance with legal requirements.



  • The Ignite may store so-called “Cookies” on your computer when you visit our site, as “Cookies” are part of the data that uniquely identifies you as a user and can be used to develop your knowledge of the portal and to better understand the portal’s user base.
  • Most browsers are initially set up to accept Cookies; the user can also reset their browser to refuse all Cookies or to receive an alert when Cookies are being sent. Please note that some of the services displayed on this portal may not work properly if you refuse Cookies, as the Ignite links the information you store in Cookies to any personally identifiable information you provide on our website.


Protection of Personal Data 

We hereby warrant that the protection of your personal data is a top priority of us. Your information will only be made available on a need-to-know basis to concerned parties.  Your information will not be accessible to anybody except for those who provide the portal services. Please note that your comments and posts that you post on the portal for the purpose of interactive use of the services are not “Personal Data”


The reasons for requesting personal information

These fields were selected for registering participants in the ‘Ignite The Ads’ event based on the following considerations:

First name and Last name:

Registering the first and last names is essential for distinguishing individuals and facilitating communication with them during and after the event.


Gender can be important in the context of events, as it may impact some details related to the program or arrangements.

Job title and Company:

Recording an individual’s job title and company name can be useful for understanding the professional diversity of participants and may influence the content and activities organized.

Email and Phone Number:

Email and phone number are necessary for communication with participants and sending notifications or updates about the event.


Date of Birth:

Although it is an optional field, recording the date of birth can be useful in some cases, such as providing special services to participants or analyzing the age group of the target audience.


Knowing the nationalities of participants can be important in forming a better understanding of cultural diversity and may impact some logistical arrangements.


By selecting these fields, organizers of the “Ignite The Ads”  event can gather comprehensive information to improve the participants’ experience and enhance the integration of the event more effectively.


The right to view, modify or correct personal data

Any user who provides the Ignite with their personal information has the right to view, modify or correct their personal information, through the Ignite’s portal ( ), they can also request the amendment of their personal information by sending an email to


Other sites

This Privacy Policy applies to the Ignite’s Portal (Ignite) only, and if you go to another site through , you should read the privacy policy of that site to determine the information security practices and privacy policy adopted there.